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Friday, December 30, 2011

Education from Real Life

I learned a lot from wise men...

And a lot more from jeepney drivers talking about oil price hike and its effect to their families. A penny intended for an offspring's mouth goes to the pockets of rich men with a pocketful of golden coins... 

From my neighbors fighting over a piece of land which they don't even own (but claim their ancestors do)... 

From patients and watchers inside a public ward in a public hospital complaining about the limited service that the institution can offer and about medicines and bills which they cannot afford..Some even cried over a loved one who died waiting for his priority number to be called inside a small operating room. 

From the eyes of the street children bugging passers-by and knocking car windows asking for a piece of mercy. They find the simplest comfort in the warmth of the hardest bed you can ever think of.. 

From my parents who sang me a lullaby just to put me in sleep, who taught me how to stand on my God-given feet, who struggled just to send me to college and gave me everything i need.. 

From innumerable people i see and live with... A lot of them does not know physics, calculus and even a simple subject-verb-agreement.. But they are the people who taught me more than what Plato, Freud and Confucius did.. They don't speak with high intellect and audacity.. They don't even know that there are slippers that cost a month of their food supply.. These people are also my teachers.. And i owe them a lot..

Star-Crossed Lovers' Love

All the riches in the land she sees
Nickels, jewelries and fine embroideries
Wash out totally when come to age
When her passion for him started to cage

Juliet is a girl, who's deeply in love
Her innocence is a gift from up above
Little did she know, love will grow much more
She never met a man like Romeo before

Romeo is a boy, enslaved by his passion
Young in heart, love has never been a question
He loved more than once until he fin'lly sees
The girl named Juliet, in a momentary bliss

Their love collides when their eyes held each others’ sight
His and her voice depicts the sweet music of the night
Their rendezvous was never a coincidence
As star-crossed lovers, 'twas a wonderful experience

But love has come bitter, bitterness's a deadly plague
Though love seems to be heaven, yet it lead to hell of wake
Their families' feud took away all the lovers' glee
By chance or by destiny, perhaps it must really be

Juliet was bound to marry, to a man named Paris
She cries and then cries to death, her tears never cease
Worrying for their young love to reach a gloomy end
This is a malady, she won't wish to intend

Romeo is outraged, abashed by the grievous fate 
His lover is dead, he wished he wasn't late
The girl's in grave, she opted to end her life
The boy doesn't know, it was only a strife

Romeo was blinded by the grief that he feels
Poison in his hands, he drinks as he kneels
Then Juliet awakes, smiled with a lovely sigh
But cried when the boy, bids her love goodbye

This time she kills herself, 'twas not a play
For she knew, this is the only way
How true that their love was supposed to fail,
When they thought that it's a fairy tale?

Their love was still young and it ended young
Even before the stars in the heaven sang
And posterity must never forget
Star-crossed lovers named Romeo and Juliet.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just Random

I was kinda thinking of doing just a daily blog to keep myself updated on how to write. Or maybe just to make this an outlet of my random rants and lucrative imaginations. I guess I have to start this January so I can start my year right. Wooooh! I'm doubtful if I can really maintain this though. I have this very crazy attitude of being at my best during the starting point but my passion ceases whenever Laziness and Passivity get the most out of me. hahaha.

Well anyway, how was Christmas? I bet you got half of your wishlist granted. I'm happy for you folks. I got most of mine too except  for peace on Earth which nobody can afford to buy -- that's why I opted for peace of Mind so I can get it myself instead. I am praying that everybody can get their share of peace as well so in time, if all of us has it, I believe we can get world peace on a silver platter.

One more thing, I'd like to show you these...

These pictures were taken at Mana-Davao somewhere along Bajada Highway in Davao City. I am not sure about the story behind this but I think this has been done for over years now to share happiness and give such amazing bright lights for Christmas. You can bring your family and take pictures with these very well embellished place. There are also mascots, horse carriage (not the real one, so don't over think, haha) and some interesting stuffs that would really make you feel how wonderful Christmas is! What is even more amazing? There is no entrance fee or donation box or the likes -- it's plain generosity. So whoever owns Mana-Davao, I must say Thanks! You made a lot of people happy. 

And I guess this would be all for now. I'll start flooding blogs next year, which is like 2 days from now. Have a great year end friends! 


Thursday, December 22, 2011

For Keeps

When I was young, I thought sharing candies would make me a famed Ms. Congeniality. Funny as it may seems but my head grew big thinking that I was popular and I need to be more popular so I needed to have more candies so I can make more friends. A snap of "Hi" here and there was such a great accomplishment. That also made me one of busiest student who ran from one club meeting to another and jumped from school choir to dramatic monologue practice. (Yeah, I'm not joking. I was part of the school choir before). That way of life was my favorite -- collecting friends  -- and I thought I was going to do that, forever!

But then I guess it's true that people are people and we really change our minds -- our preference, perception, our principle and the likes. I grew up and I realized that the friends I made before won't stay with me forever. (Aside from the fact that I found out  that forever is transitory). And my so-called friends could not even define the word nor capable of living as it's definition. I was back-stabbed, betrayed, left and the worst that you can think of. Good thing Hope got out of Pandora's box and encouraged me that hey! it's never too late to find true friends. Heads up, start by being a friend.

Then I went to college and hang out with different groups with different personalities. I hang out with the nerdies -- like you know, the cum-laude type of students. The experience was terrific but I was terrible. I'm smart but I'm not a geek. I surpassed college using street-smarts, wit, argumentation and of course, loads of prayers. I hang out with the beauties -- yeah, the Campus Crush type. That was fun but I did not make a good camouflage. Then I tried the party goers but that did not work with a financially struggling student like me. I also befriended the low-profiled groupies who are beautiful in the inside but just do not know how to make themselves noticed. Unfortunately I have to admit, I just got a fight. They can't take my damn superiority complex. What I did not notice throughout the course of searching for a true friend were two amazing girls whom I hated from the start. One of them was very good in Algebra that she scored perfectly on our prelims. I did not exactly know why but I was enraged with envy because I was never lucky with numbers. I even thought I had caught her cheating. The other one was the most emotionally pathetic girl I knew that time. Like I can't imagine how she cries so easily over petty things. She was so into her boyfriend and she shouted at me when I acted kind to tell her that the boys were peeking at her undies because she was sitting carelessly on the field. It's weird. But  guess what, they are my best friends today.

I hope they won't get mad if they read what I mentioned above. (laughs)

Let me tell you a little bit more about them. Let's start with the ever-so-prettily-petite Rodette Ann Gataber.

Yes, this pretty damsel is a sight to behold. Petite is very down to Earth and she never held her pride high.  She's vibrant, captivating, thoughtful and she's the type who will give anything that she can give to a friend. She never run out something to say and she's always upbeat. I will never forget our misunderstandings and petty quarrels that had always ended up tear-jerking because that girl is so dramatic.

Moving on, here's the damn-so-gorgeous Dyna Kris Benedicto. The complete package.

Dyna is the OLDEST among the three of us. And I know she's yelling upon reading the bold letters as I burst into laughter while writing this. She's the most sensitive and the most dangerous girl I know yet she's one of the sweetest girl in the planet. I watched her love a person so dearly which I hope I don't need to mention but I have to. I witnessed 5 out of 7 years of her devotion to a man who suddenly changed his mind and forgot to appreciate how lucky he was for having this girl. She's a great catch! And I'm lucky to find her in the depths of the ocean.

We have been through a lot. We had a fair share of happy moments and dramas. Who would have thought these girls would be a part of me? Like I said there was a point that I hated them so much.  I can't even recall how we became friends. I did not give them candies nor ask them to vote for me. My intention was not to be their Ms. Congeniality. I believe it came naturally. And I believe that's how all true friendship started. I don't want to say forever, but I know this friendship will be for keeps.

I love you girls!