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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Just Random

I was kinda thinking of doing just a daily blog to keep myself updated on how to write. Or maybe just to make this an outlet of my random rants and lucrative imaginations. I guess I have to start this January so I can start my year right. Wooooh! I'm doubtful if I can really maintain this though. I have this very crazy attitude of being at my best during the starting point but my passion ceases whenever Laziness and Passivity get the most out of me. hahaha.

Well anyway, how was Christmas? I bet you got half of your wishlist granted. I'm happy for you folks. I got most of mine too except  for peace on Earth which nobody can afford to buy -- that's why I opted for peace of Mind so I can get it myself instead. I am praying that everybody can get their share of peace as well so in time, if all of us has it, I believe we can get world peace on a silver platter.

One more thing, I'd like to show you these...

These pictures were taken at Mana-Davao somewhere along Bajada Highway in Davao City. I am not sure about the story behind this but I think this has been done for over years now to share happiness and give such amazing bright lights for Christmas. You can bring your family and take pictures with these very well embellished place. There are also mascots, horse carriage (not the real one, so don't over think, haha) and some interesting stuffs that would really make you feel how wonderful Christmas is! What is even more amazing? There is no entrance fee or donation box or the likes -- it's plain generosity. So whoever owns Mana-Davao, I must say Thanks! You made a lot of people happy. 

And I guess this would be all for now. I'll start flooding blogs next year, which is like 2 days from now. Have a great year end friends! 


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