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Friday, December 30, 2011

Star-Crossed Lovers' Love

All the riches in the land she sees
Nickels, jewelries and fine embroideries
Wash out totally when come to age
When her passion for him started to cage

Juliet is a girl, who's deeply in love
Her innocence is a gift from up above
Little did she know, love will grow much more
She never met a man like Romeo before

Romeo is a boy, enslaved by his passion
Young in heart, love has never been a question
He loved more than once until he fin'lly sees
The girl named Juliet, in a momentary bliss

Their love collides when their eyes held each others’ sight
His and her voice depicts the sweet music of the night
Their rendezvous was never a coincidence
As star-crossed lovers, 'twas a wonderful experience

But love has come bitter, bitterness's a deadly plague
Though love seems to be heaven, yet it lead to hell of wake
Their families' feud took away all the lovers' glee
By chance or by destiny, perhaps it must really be

Juliet was bound to marry, to a man named Paris
She cries and then cries to death, her tears never cease
Worrying for their young love to reach a gloomy end
This is a malady, she won't wish to intend

Romeo is outraged, abashed by the grievous fate 
His lover is dead, he wished he wasn't late
The girl's in grave, she opted to end her life
The boy doesn't know, it was only a strife

Romeo was blinded by the grief that he feels
Poison in his hands, he drinks as he kneels
Then Juliet awakes, smiled with a lovely sigh
But cried when the boy, bids her love goodbye

This time she kills herself, 'twas not a play
For she knew, this is the only way
How true that their love was supposed to fail,
When they thought that it's a fairy tale?

Their love was still young and it ended young
Even before the stars in the heaven sang
And posterity must never forget
Star-crossed lovers named Romeo and Juliet.

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