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Monday, January 23, 2012

First Giveaway Entry!

So I got home and signed in at blogspot...I scanned through the blogs I have been following because this is what I really do -- always. One of my favorite blogger is ForestDoll, I just find her style weird and cute and pretty all at the same time. I opened her blogs and poof! these are what caught my eyes...

They are so cute, aren't they? One of these could be mine as I joined Forest Doll's giveaway sponsored by Kiwiberry! Sweet! 
Well, I haven't really tried wearing false lashes or even contact lenses but I think I need to try. And with these cute falsies, who wouldn't want to wear them right?

I never had a luck in raffles -- and yes, that's NEVER. So my fingers are tightly crossed for this. Oh puhleeeeease?!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WOW Mati!

Going out of town has always been what I wanted to do. I love to explore scenic places, breath-taking experiences, hours of road trip and of course, the fun of going out with happy people. Nothing compares to the joy of hearing your friends laughing out loud over some crazy little thing. Well anyway, I was supposed to post  another wrathful item but I chose to be an ambassadress of tourism for this blog =) Yes you read it right. Judging from the title, I hope you can tell that I am going to share my Mati experience!

It was November 2011 when I first got to Mati. I was so lucky to be invited by my high school friend Victoriano to come with him and 3 other friends for a short getaway. With no preparations, we went to Masao,Mati -- headfirst and excited! We arrived at night time so we opted to eat first and just drink shots of tequila. But the water was so inviting so you know what happened next... Unfortunately, I don't have any picture of our night swimming skemadoo. I never thought I'd enjoy blogging. Because if I did, I should have taken pictures of every details of my trip. Grrrr.  And just to let you know, you can't dive without a life jacket. Hallelujah! It was a ticket for me to swim!

with Victoriano and Regine after body shots (echus lang!)
On my very first "Good Morning sunshine! Good Morning Mati!" ritual, I was enchanted by the I-forgot-the-name beach resort. The water was so still and so clear. They grow dolphins (or was it a shark?) and the cottages are in the middle of the sea. I even caught starfishes bigger than my head. (damn I lost the picture) 
Good Morning sunshine! Good Morning Mati!
Boss Darwin, our very dear friend and the very generous sponsor of the trip, took us to a neighboring island and I swear, it was oh so WOW! By the way, for island hopping, a neighboring island is a 30 minutes or more boat ride.

the boat trip with Regine and Kurt

 YES! that crystal-clear water was so breath taking! Who would not want to get wet?

with  Boss Darwin, Regine and Kurt

Don't mind the girl, just look what's behind her.

It was just so sad to leave the place right away. We had to go back to Davao right away because we still have shitloads of work to do. Yet it was indeed a memory to behold. Looking back, I had no idea that 2 months after, I'll be back to explore this wonderful place again.

Fast forward, hello January 2012! So many things have already  happened and I'm still looking forward for many more good days to come. God is so amazing that He placed me in Team Jaguar after Team Ultima was dissolved. And thank God even more, the transfer was just right in time for Jaguar's team building. I was jumping all around when I was informed that we were going to Mati. Hurray! I enjoyed the clear and still waters of Masao, but this time the attack was different. Hello waves! Wooooh! 

And since I am so sleepy, I think I cannot think of anymore melons. Let the pictures speak for me. I'll try to put captions though. Here we gooooo...

Turistas on the GO!

the departure. mga artista sa Damosa

stop over. pa-picture muna sa sleeping dinosaur. (with QA Jessica Galeon)

the sleeping dinosaur

arrival @Botona Beach Resort

with TC Ray Marie Ilustre and QA Jessica. vanity fair!

dinner inato!
bonfire para emo (//_-)
Tanduay Ice -- pampatulog!
good morning sunshine! good morning Mati!

the cottage

At Mayo Beach Park and skemi...

the waves of Mati at Mayo Beach Resort

with team mate Rodesa. tapos na sunog kilay eh. sunog balat naman.

the lagoon

ang diwata sa lagoon

miniature waterfall

tres musketeras!

hala ka diha! lingaw!

let the waves sweep your sorrows away (//_-) LOL!

At Botona Beach Resort...

Sa lakas ng waves at dahil sa sobrang likot, tumambling na lang ako so eto tuloy...

arisgada + merese = tagam!
It's not yet so obvious here but my forehead still aches as of this writing. And I realized I got bruises in the chest as well. Poor girl. poor skinetics.

damaged na cover-up ko =(
Like a hailed beauty queen, I should stand up and pretend that nothing happened. (Parang walang tumbling lang na nangyari!. haha)

MAJOR FUN IN THE SUN! I don't care if I got sunburned, the hell with the bruises and my lost beloved hair brush, my damaged cover up and the misadventures -- these things even made the experience more than spectacular! Yet all things must come to an end, we had to say Goodbye to Mati. It was around 1:30 in the afternoon when we have to go back to Botona and fix our things. Rodesa and I were so cam whores so we took pictures of ourselves in the shore while everybody was busy packing their things. Last part? We ended up time-constrained and panicky gathering our baggage. Instant banlaw with no sabon-sabon, punas, bihis and Leggo!

Last minute pictures on our way home...

I'll try to provide better pictures next time so you can see the beauty of whatever it is I'm talking about. Next month will be a Cebu trip with my best friends. I'll be a better narrator, promise! So I guess that's a wrap. I'm so sleepy and my head is aching. KBye!  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today I don't want to talk about how miserable I am. I don't want to tell you how I was betrayed and taken for granted, how painful it is for me to see the person I hate and love the most pass by me ignoring the fact I cried myself to sleep because I found out that the year we spent together was a well-rehearsed play he authored. I never wanted to admit the shame of missing him, of remembering how I watched him sleep and feel him breathe, of how I wished this pain is just a dream. No, I don't want to talk about heartaches and failures anymore. But I'm afraid I already betrayed myself.

And just before we both laugh about how ironic my words are becoming, let me begin with this...

Yeah right, that's a huge smile. Relevance? Well, I just happen to browse a friend's Facebook profile and saw a link of a short film uploaded on Youtube. (See the attached video) Waking up the film-fanatic in me, I clicked the link and played the short film - Validation. The movie legitimately moved me. It taught me how to be positive and be happy, to appreciate small things in life that are actually awesome, to give value and care for the people you see and meet everyday. Smile makes us all beautiful -- no one is an exception. The water may be rough but there should always be something to be thankful for, to smile for. No one has really carried the world over his shoulders, that's not our task, we have our powerful God to do that. He placed us here on Earth to experience his magnificence and he gave us all that we could ask for.

Now after all the emotional breakdown and the what-not's, I know I should never surrender. I might have given up on him as my happiness but I still got myself and innumerable persons to be happy with. I am awesome! I am great! And so do you my friend.  

Just click the video I uploaded. (credits to the owner) Smile!

Friday, January 6, 2012


They say white lies are inevitable. It is something that you have to commit once in a while to protect you or someone relevant for future loss, damage or heartache. Well maybe that should be acceptable. But sometimes, even if it sounds so beneficial, I don't think it is always permissible. As cliche as it could be but the truth will always set us free. I for myself would rather be hurt by the truth than be comforted with the colorful lies.

Not so long ago, I hated my best friend's ex-boyfriend for being such a great liar. He was doing things that he kept under the table and when we had found out about it, he would be in his best soulful eyes and deny the accusation. The truth was so obvious and we were all convinced that he was saying otherwise, but my best friend who was blinded by faith and love chose to believe the douche bag. Lies, confrontation, reconciliation -- we were fed up with those drama all the way. The cycle was unending and everyday  was a challenge for my best friend.  For whatever reason, my best friend was so happy and was so in love with him. It could be because it was her first love or I guess he must be a good lover. Good thing, they broke up and it went for real. My best friend got rid of that frog prince and I hope she's dating the noble knight in a shining armor while I am writing this.

I am not a  bitter soul, it just felt so traumatic to see my best friend suffer and miss the beauty of life outside her doomed relationship. From then on, I chose to be very careful in trusting people and I could get easily disappointed whenever someone break that leap of faith I invested on him. Yes, I believe trusting a person is an investment. Why? well, that's just how I think. You can start thinking for your own. *grins*

Yet life is ironically amazing and everybody has a fair share of heartbreaking stories. A little fast forward and I saw myself suffering the way my best friend did. I never knew it could happen to me despite the walls I painted. I thought I have a well-built stronghold but then I found out that I was losing the battle I never wish to   fight. And just before I knew it, I was already defeated. I put my faith into someone who chose to be a shit bag. What's even worse? He could look straight into my eyes and play the role of a beautiful liar. Good Lord, I was able to pick myself up and walked away with my red stiletto.

I know things will change, I don't want to be a pessimist and I still want to see the goodness in life. I still believe that someday,somehow, someone worthy can earn my trust. But for now, I can't promise to be an angel. I am still a bomb waiting to be deactivated -- you cut the wrong cable, then I'll detonate. I'll make sure I can get you killed. **evil laugh** Just joking! I just hope no one would mess around throwing trash on me again. It sucks, you know?! haha

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Day I Went Away

It was the 10th of December when we had our first encounter. I swear I can still see it clearly -- when I was standing in the boulevard waiting for a cab, anxious of being late for the party. Then my eyes caught the sight of Mr.Taxi and his passenger with a very familiar face. I realized he had been my office mate and God knows I caught his attention too. I stopped the cab as he told the driver to make a halt. I pulled the door and went on a hitch. We went to the party together and basically became friends. And that is when it all started...

Never did I imagine he would be someone relevant for I had seen him before that day and to me he was just an ordinary face in the crowd. Things went absolutely amazing between us. I used to make him sing over the phone, had breakfast together, went to work and back home everyday like real lovers do. I even introduced him to my best friends and spent the holidays with the people I've been getting along with. Damn. My parents knew him too! They even thought he's the one for he was the only guy I brought at home. Things eventually changed and I can't decide if I was lucky or just busted. He turned out to be a guy with the eyes that speak nothing but mystery. His hands were cold and his voice was deep -- echoing at the back of my head. His words are less and his actions lesser. At one judgment you may think of him as a stone, in complete personification. Funny as it may seems, I adored that living statue. To me he was the sun, the shining star of my universe.  I don't even know if I have to blame my one-sided optimism but I hoped nothing but the best for him ignoring the worst that was becoming out of me. I must say I gave up everything and I gained nothing.  It was a cycle I had to endure for almost a year and I really thought I would be stuck in that crazy little stupid thing I hate to call Love.

The reasons are vague but I just woke up one day sick and tired of hovering between that hopeless romance and my self-pride. I've been hearing them say how crazy I was drooling for that man who appeared to be someone who care less. I wore my heart upon my sleeve but he was a dead man walking so I end up feeding my fairy tale dreams alone. Nonetheless, it was and would never be his fault nor his shortcomings, he never promised me anything in the first place. Yeah, i know it was a shame. I was just another woman in love and I never thought I would ever be. From that day I wished I could go back to the days when lullabies and candies are as good as pain relievers.

Today, his eyes are still blank. It's been a while since we last held each other's sight. His expressions are stiff but I must admit I have every details of his face written in my heart. It hurts to see him pass by me knowing that we have not talked for a while. It sucks to watch him in pictures when I used to watch him sleep. I know I miss him but there's no turning back. I keep on telling myself not to fret -- Cinderella would not have been a princess if she went back to get her glass slippers anyway. But then again, the fact still remains that he was not a prince nor a knight in shining armor. I guess I just have to accept the reality that I have fallen in love to a man who never cared at all. Yes, I am a self-confessed fool.

Truth be told, I went away not because I want to. I went away because he let me go.

Monday, January 2, 2012

hello 2012!

Happy New Year guys!


There are two things why I am always grateful and overwhelmed whenever I have to change our old calendar. First, there is this sense of victory that I was able to conquer 365 days of ups and downs. The joy of being with loved ones, doing crazy things that feeds my sanity, my adventures and risky decisions, my all-time low, my tears and those stupid fears -- all that and more made a year gone by meaningful. Secondly, there is this sense of hope that the moment I replaced the old with the new one, new set of stories will be unfold -- new friends, new laughters, new experience, new heartaches, new misadventures, new expeditions and the likes. There are numerous moment to treasure and to look forward to. I am grateul that I  met 2011. Now I am saying hello to 2012.

I don't want to talk about New Year's resolutions for these are as good as our Media Noche -- it only tastes good during the eve of 1st. I'd like to quote this line from the movie New Years Day instead...

"We will open a book. It's pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and it's first chapter is New Year's Day".

 As  we welcome the year of the water dragon, let us all inculcate in our minds that God gave us another year to celebrate His kindness and explore the universe He created for us -- with passion, happiness and  righteousness. The world is tough but we are made even tougher by faith. Portals of opportunity will be widely open, all we have to do is journey with prayer. Don't be afraid, for we are the  story that we make.

Nevertheless, I don't want to be a preacher at the corner of your eyes. I am just being a friend who'd like to spread faith and happiness. How wonderful indeed it is to welcome another year.  The hell it is for those who have been declaring that it would be the end of the world! Our omniscient God knows when -- His plans are so great that no man alive can decipher.

That's all for now! Off to bed.