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Monday, January 23, 2012

First Giveaway Entry!

So I got home and signed in at blogspot...I scanned through the blogs I have been following because this is what I really do -- always. One of my favorite blogger is ForestDoll, I just find her style weird and cute and pretty all at the same time. I opened her blogs and poof! these are what caught my eyes...

They are so cute, aren't they? One of these could be mine as I joined Forest Doll's giveaway sponsored by Kiwiberry! Sweet! 
Well, I haven't really tried wearing false lashes or even contact lenses but I think I need to try. And with these cute falsies, who wouldn't want to wear them right?

I never had a luck in raffles -- and yes, that's NEVER. So my fingers are tightly crossed for this. Oh puhleeeeease?!


  1. Hi. =)) Hopw you'll win this one.

    Join my first ever giveaway..

  2. They're really cute! I've never used them before but I want to try!

  3. nice blog - turn on!

  4. these falsies are really pretty :) i just have them too. if you're not winning you can get those via ebay. they're not so pricey. i got mine (5 to 6 those packages falsies) for 5 € :) maybe you should have a look there! :)
    in btw lovely blog and your header is so funny and cute :D


    1. sure thing. but it's better to get it as a price! well anyway, i'm following you =)