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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today I don't want to talk about how miserable I am. I don't want to tell you how I was betrayed and taken for granted, how painful it is for me to see the person I hate and love the most pass by me ignoring the fact I cried myself to sleep because I found out that the year we spent together was a well-rehearsed play he authored. I never wanted to admit the shame of missing him, of remembering how I watched him sleep and feel him breathe, of how I wished this pain is just a dream. No, I don't want to talk about heartaches and failures anymore. But I'm afraid I already betrayed myself.

And just before we both laugh about how ironic my words are becoming, let me begin with this...

Yeah right, that's a huge smile. Relevance? Well, I just happen to browse a friend's Facebook profile and saw a link of a short film uploaded on Youtube. (See the attached video) Waking up the film-fanatic in me, I clicked the link and played the short film - Validation. The movie legitimately moved me. It taught me how to be positive and be happy, to appreciate small things in life that are actually awesome, to give value and care for the people you see and meet everyday. Smile makes us all beautiful -- no one is an exception. The water may be rough but there should always be something to be thankful for, to smile for. No one has really carried the world over his shoulders, that's not our task, we have our powerful God to do that. He placed us here on Earth to experience his magnificence and he gave us all that we could ask for.

Now after all the emotional breakdown and the what-not's, I know I should never surrender. I might have given up on him as my happiness but I still got myself and innumerable persons to be happy with. I am awesome! I am great! And so do you my friend.  

Just click the video I uploaded. (credits to the owner) Smile!


  1. bumped into another girl warrior =)) nice write ups.

  2. indeed..happiness is one helluva choice =D. and oh! thanks lil miss sunshine, i'm reading your blogs too. lovely!

  3. Awesome te krista!

    -blogger diay ka? hehe. keep smiling cuttie :D