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Monday, March 19, 2012

Boy Meets Girl

This is a story of a boy who traveled miles and miles away just to be with the girl he loves...

The Boy

The Girl

Every girl has a fair share of sad love stories, and behind the tears is a hope that someday, someone will complete the story with a happy ending. This sounds so fairytale-ish, but who cares? No matter how strong we deny it, in every girl there is a princess, and a princess  should have her prince...

One of the living princesses I know is my best friend Petite. She is one of the most amazing girl whose beauty comes from within. She is an epitome of a girl whose perfection comes from her own imperfections. She's cute when she's crazy, she's annoying when she cares, she's beautiful when she doesn't take a bath and even more beautiful in her maxi skirts. When she gets mad, she's quiet but she'll never end the day without making you feel that your friendship means so much more than her feelings. (lucky best friend here! hehe) But no matter how wonderful she is, a douche bag across the mountains came rushing in to say he loves her but swiftly went away leaving traces of pain and false hopes. Unfortunately for that guy, he will never be loved the way Petite could have loved him...

After days and weeks of mourning, a boy from the outskirts of a far far away land heard and felt the pain of the princess. This young man was called Jay, a 25 year-old lad from the land of Semirara. (ang trip ko lang eh, noh? haha) There was something that connected them both and before they knew it, they had been spending late night texting, online chats and hours over the phone. Amazingly, that boy helped Petite to cope with the pain in ways no one could ever define. Fate must have it's own way of leading people to their respective significant others...

Months passed by and the two were able to get to know each other. Despite distance, Petite and Jay felt like they were together. I myself is a living witness how happy she is when she talks about Jay. Who would imagine they would be a prince and princess in my little story? 

With love and courage, Jay crossed the ocean to see the girl he has been in love with in spite of the illusion of distance...


Kung makatitig, WAGAS!!!

kung maka-emote.. ahahaha. nag mana kay Petite!
gwapa talaga that girl oh!
pasado sa screening ni mamita and of course ni best friend

ganyan kadali naging ka-vibes! power mo tol!

Everybody happy! :) This was the day when the girl finally met the boy she had been waiting for. I reminded myself to always leave a room for doubts but I just can't help but be happy for these two amazing people. I hope they'll have the best of days during this week-long visit from Jay! Congratulations!

Jay, if you're reading this, please remember to be careful with my best friend's heart. Take note, I write stories. Kung gusto mong bida ka, magtino ka... or else matutulad ka sa mga lalaking isinumpa ko sa blog ko! ahahaha

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