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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


(This is what I wrote for an impromptu article writing when I applied for an online job. I was hired -- well, sort of -- but the project did not push through since my work schedule conflicts with that of their own)

So the curtains are closed and you’re up to step to the real world. You survived unannounced quizzes, final examinations, thesis and all that college days par se. Then what’s next? Yes, you’re done with your professors, now, meet the bosses.
For most first-time job seekers, the number of digits on the pay slip is always on the top of the priority list. Well, at some extent that should be the attitude. We studied hard to get a decent and promising job to give us a life-long career and the buying power. However, most if not all do not work the first time. Just like how things are invented, getting a job can be a trial and error process. Instead of thinking what you would get, think of what you can give first. After all, the company won’t hire you for your ambitions. Let’s face it. Successful applicants get a hand shake not because of their hopes and dreams but because the company thinks they are the best tool they can use to generate revenue.

You might ask how to start. Here are some quick tips.

Assess yourself. Make a list of what you know you can do well and do best. Having done that, you can select the companies who needed manpower for those specialties. Again, it’s not just about who offers $$$$$$. Think ahead. You can get more than that if you’ll have an excellent performance and that would only happen if you’re suitable for the job.

Prepare to sell yourself. You get a target company, well let’s say companies. Make sure that you can apply for at least three so you can have fallback plans. Gather all the necessary requirements. Create duplicate copies. Give extra effort, maybe they would ask for your transcript so make sure you’ll bring one. Research about the potential companies. You would really need to have something to say to compliment them. That also gives them an impression that you’re smart and you’re enthusiastic to get the job. If they require for a resume then put in mind that it’s not just going to be a piece of paper for the sake of compliance. You need that to convince them that you’re a good investment and they should buy you. 

Untie your tongue. Interview is the hardest part especially for those who stutter/stammer whenever they are nervous. Don’t be afraid. Pick yourself up and face the mirror. Portray an image that would be pleasing in front of the interviewer. And please, DO NOT MEMORIZE A SCRIPT. Interviews are interactional and spontaneous. The flow of conversation should be snappy and scholastic with a touch of professionalism.  Just simply practice like making a mental draft on how you would introduce yourself, what do you know about the company, your strengths and weaknesses and your edge against the other applicants. The rest would flow naturally.

Make yourself beautiful.  Like I said, you are going to sell yourself. You are a product that’s why aesthetics would be an additional factor.  Ladies, do not put too much make up unless you are applying for a strip dancer.  You have to wear decent and comfortable clothes. Smell good and make sure your hair is neat.  Gentlemen, take off those piercings and hide your tattoos. Employers don’t want an ex-convict on the premise of their company. I know that you have your own hairstyle but most employers know only one – that’s clean cut dude. I hope you’re familiar with it. Don’t forget to shave and brush your teeth as well, okay?
                They say that opportunity comes only once. I say that’s a wasted cliché. If you failed the first time, believe me there are more opportunities in store.  Getting a job and making a long-term career is an on-going process. It does not start with applying for a job and does not end in getting hired. You have a career path. You just have to know yourself, explore and don’t stop learning.


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