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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Peg

I just want to write something about what I wore one day at work.

The top was given by my team captain Ray Marie Ilustre after cleaning her closet. I was so excited and came right away with an idea of how am I going to add a life to the outfit. I am really not a fashionista because I cannot afford that. I wear what I can wear and carry it at it's best.

I never thought wearing black stockings would be cute and sexy for I am sooo into flaunting my legs. Ooopsie, I don't have that towering flawless legs that a woman could ever dream of but I just thought I'm comfortable when I can move freely by wearing shorts, skirts and mini dresses.

I also wore my "Toy Story" shoes. ahahaha. (My friend really call it Toy Story) And I think to sum it all, I felt so pretty and comfortable with the get-up.

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