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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Leaving and Living

I have to leave in order to live...

I just feel a little sad today, knowing that I'll be leaving two days from now. It pains me to leave my best friend in the middle of her emotional crisis, though I know it's a battle she needs to fight on her own. It sucks to leave the job that gave me more than a handful of friends - some are true and some are not. Good thing is, I learned a lot. It hurts to leave my family because I know they will miss me. I can bear my own heartaches but not the suffering of my family. It frustrates me to leave the city where my heart is, where I grew up and which I would really miss...

But all of these should be endured so I can live again. I had more than my share of distrustful friends, whom I loved so much...and I adored too much. I had more than bad lucks and misfortunes that an average girl should have. It seemed like I'm a magnet for such.  

Two days from now, I will be under the same sky but will be looking at a different horizon. I'll leave all my troubles behind and chase new dreams.  I'll make new friends while keeping those which I treasure since forever . I know that I'll get hurt the same way I've been hurt and I'll trust again, but this time I'll be smarter more than you could ever thought so.  I have a lot of things to regret, a lot of things to learn. I was really hurt and I still am. I guess this is what life really is. I don't have to stop, I just have to start again.

Needless to say, I am leaving not because I want to escape, but because I want to breathe and I need to live.


  1. I agree beybi.. I ma tired and bored. I wanan go somewhere too beybi..

  2. i also experience that at times. that feeling when you really want to go far away and just breathe. hope you'll feel better. just be optimistic, and life will go smoothly :)

    btw, i'm sorry for actually putting this here but, this might give you a smile for a few secs. hehe.
    i actually have an ongoing giveaway on my blog. you might wanna join! (lol) thanks!

    1. hey pretty! thanks! it surely did and i'm crossing fingers for luck! thanks for dropping by :DD

  3. wow, sounds like you're beginning a great journey. hope you keep us posted

    i'm following you now :D
    mind to follow back? :)