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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Farewell to the Land of Promise

(Just a quick random post before I go to bed!)

I really do not know why, but one of my best "pampatulog" practices aside from taking a bath, drinking milk and listening to music till my laptop runs out of battery, is to browse pictures. Yes, I do it every day! haha. I was rummaging through the photos and I suddenly thought of this blog. And I just feel like I want to post these pictures we took before I left home. *sighs*

My Signature Pose. Pogi!

I always thought I'm an adventurous, silly hard-headed girl who always go out on her own. I am that type who never fails to try new things, see new places and meet new people. That's why when an opportunity knocked, I hurriedly grabbed it and flew to Manila. (Plus the fact, of course, that I was terribly broken-hearted that time! haha) My parents were so shocked when I just came home one night and told them that I got a new job. They got even more shocked when they had found out that it was a job here in Makati. And just like before, they let me explore the world on my own. I know I'm so blessed to have a trustful and supporting parents like them. 

My life!
They accompanied me to the airport though I really disapproved! haha. I am not being stubborn nor heartless but I just don't want them to see me leave. Well, the truth is, I really hate dramas and seeing them cry was unimaginably painful!

My best friends also rushed to the airport to bid their goodbyes. Good thing they were there! It was a breath of fresh air from all of my mom's dramas! hehe

I haven't regret this part of my life...yet. haha. Just kidding! This is actually an awesome experience for me. The life of an independent! I always have been like this and I'm loving it. My parents prepared me so well to face the real world. I may be far from the people I love but I know that their prayers are with me as mine is with them. 

I'm coming home guys! It may not be so soon but I'll definitely be back!

Time to hit the sack! goodnight! :)

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