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Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Jaguars in the Pacific Little Secret

Five bloody months of absence? Who would have thought I'll come back? I promised myself before that I'll write and write and write on this blog to give myself something to laugh about when I grow old! Well, I've been busy, but not that sort of busy for business nor pleasure. I was busy thinking of what I really wanted to do. hahaha. By the time I'm writing this, it's already 5months and 5days of my stay here in Makati. Sooooo far away from home but i'm definitely having the time of my life figuring things for my own.

Anyway, this post will be all about the last Team Building I had with one of the best teams in Concentrix Davao - the Sales Elite Team called JAGUAR. Of course, our Team Leader always brings out the best in everything. She took us away from the noise of the city and splurge in the haven of the Pacific Little Secret. Guys, believe me.. every corner of that place was definitely breath taking. And guess what's even more amazing??? The  place only costs Php6000 for an overnight stay and you get to enjoy all of these...

The view that welcomed us! Amazing! I hope I had an SLR though so I could show you how fascinating that was!

One of the many cottages you can sleep at.

The place was so safe that I slept there that night. haha

The perfect spot to chillax!

Oops. you can't bring that home! hahaha

Few more beds in the open! You can sleep there and wake up unharmed!

From the top.

I really think this is cute :)

This is something that I find so cool about the place. They will provide you with dining and cooking utensils. Plus distilled water and a dispenser. So you see? You don't have to bring a lot with you to enjoy your vacation! It's so sulit!!!

You can use those boats too! NO additional charge!

Now, wouldn't you believe that the place is impeccable? I swear I'd go back if I'll have the chance! My friend was even dreaming of getting married there! That's beauty and budget at once! haha

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