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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Farewell to the Land of Promise

(Just a quick random post before I go to bed!)

I really do not know why, but one of my best "pampatulog" practices aside from taking a bath, drinking milk and listening to music till my laptop runs out of battery, is to browse pictures. Yes, I do it every day! haha. I was rummaging through the photos and I suddenly thought of this blog. And I just feel like I want to post these pictures we took before I left home. *sighs*

My Signature Pose. Pogi!

I always thought I'm an adventurous, silly hard-headed girl who always go out on her own. I am that type who never fails to try new things, see new places and meet new people. That's why when an opportunity knocked, I hurriedly grabbed it and flew to Manila. (Plus the fact, of course, that I was terribly broken-hearted that time! haha) My parents were so shocked when I just came home one night and told them that I got a new job. They got even more shocked when they had found out that it was a job here in Makati. And just like before, they let me explore the world on my own. I know I'm so blessed to have a trustful and supporting parents like them. 

My life!
They accompanied me to the airport though I really disapproved! haha. I am not being stubborn nor heartless but I just don't want them to see me leave. Well, the truth is, I really hate dramas and seeing them cry was unimaginably painful!

My best friends also rushed to the airport to bid their goodbyes. Good thing they were there! It was a breath of fresh air from all of my mom's dramas! hehe

I haven't regret this part of my life...yet. haha. Just kidding! This is actually an awesome experience for me. The life of an independent! I always have been like this and I'm loving it. My parents prepared me so well to face the real world. I may be far from the people I love but I know that their prayers are with me as mine is with them. 

I'm coming home guys! It may not be so soon but I'll definitely be back!

Time to hit the sack! goodnight! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kikays in the City

I always say that I am not an emotional person, and expressing how I love someone be it to my friends and family is a very hard thing for me to do. I even forget their birthdays and some sort of special occasions. I am a girl who rarely text and never calls, who gets late in our meet-ups even after we haven't seen each other for a while and the list goes on. Sometimes I wonder if I'm even a good friend. haha One thing is for sure, I appreciate all the efforts my friends are wasting do just to make me happy and to keep the friendship worthwhile.

I already made a blog post for my best friends Petitaii and Dyna Kris. These two girls are God's gift to me. They have accepted and have loved me for who I am and we've been friends for six years until forever. And even if both of them have their own significant others, they never ceased to show me that I am not alone and I am loved. Despite distance, they remained to be my best friends -- my sisters. Ako lang talaga tung di mahilig mag reply. haha

But for today, I am going to introduce two other girls who make my stay here in Makati a home away from home. They are both funny, sweet and naughty pretty! dendenenendenen!!! Gee Tanasas and Trixie Orola.. *clap clap* I am writing this since I want to show them (in my own little way) that I appreciate our friendship and I am so blessed to know such wonderful women!

First, let me talk about Gee since I had sat beside her before I met Trixie. haha

I can still perfectly remember the first time I met her. She was wearing a fairytale-like dress and I was like, "Wow fairy??" haha. She's also an A-Lister, definitely an achiever. And mind you, she's just a noob in the BPO industry but she indeed gave her best shot and made it to the top. Well honestly, I am absolutely amazed by this girl! She's the female version of Jack of All Trades! She is beautiful and talented! She can sing, she can dance, she speaks well, and I think she can even act (haha), she's into sports and she's very enthusiastic in everything she does! Whenever I look at this girl, I see a heroine who never surrenders a battle and a princess who deserves a chivalrous prince! (Boys, you  can actually email me if you want to apply. LOL )

And oh by the way, she has videos on YouTube. Please watch! You can even learn how to speak Bisaya! :) *shameless plugging*

Next is Trixie -- Oh my God, she's so pretty!

I am no lesbo, but I really think this girl is so damn gorgeous! haha. If my memory serves me right, we immediately got along really well the first time we talked. I think we even talked about lipstick! You know, the girl thing! haha. She's the sweetest! She always says she missed me and my cheeks and my baby fats! But sorry boys, she's taken! And she's happily in love. I'm hoping to meet his boyfriend soon though. We're actually planning to go on a trip this December. teehee!

Actually, her real name is Krystelle Therese (or was it Krystelle Mae?) haha. We never used her real name, just Trixie. That's how I knew her and how everybody calls her. Unlike Gee and I, Trixie rarely renders overtime. She's so lazy! JOKE! She just commends us for being so hardworking and she's always there whenever we need a companion. I remember how I made her wait until my End of Shift but later on I realized I still need to run some errands so she just waited in vain and went home alone. hihi. And before I forget, Trixie has a great body and she also knows how to dance. Oh di ba? pwede na kami magtayo ng girl group! LOL

We promised to journey together, savor every moment and take pictures of our adventure. The good thing is, we share common interests like shopping, shopping and shopping. AHAHAHA. Oh yeah, I forgot we love to eat, go to the salon, watch movies, drink and talk about random things under the sun. We also tried playing badminton. I just hope we'll do it more often because I need to burn some fats! One more thing I love about them, is that they understand why I do what I do but they still encourage me to change for the better. Sounds intriguing? haha. I am just in the state of self-hate for what I did before and I'm taking the revenge to myself, which is also one of the reasons why I don't want to indulge in any romantic relationship. If you read my previous hate posts, you'll probably get the idea. haha

Now let me share few more pictures of our adventure! (I love you girls!)

Ayan si Gee. Nakatulog sa sobrang pagod kaka-shopping! haha

Ang kikay lang ng shot glass namin, pink! haha

Ang kuleeeeeeet!


@ White Hat, Mall of Asia

Shoes gallore at Cash and Carry

on our way home :)

@ Wendy's Glorietta

@ Bon Chon Chicken, SM Megamall
Palarong Pambansa champions! ahahahaha

Ang payat ko naaaaaaaa! haha

@JT Inato! Todo lamon after badminton. EPIC FAIL! XD


I'm looking forward to more of happy moments with you girls! :)


Maybe it's just me, or do we (girls) really like posing in front of a camera? hahaha

Anyway, this is what I do on a normal boring day - put on some make up, dress like a doll and pose like a crazy woman! But believe me, I really had fun doing these. I think this is actually a treat! A stress reliever! You know, when we feel beautiful and really look beautiful! haha. I guess boys wouldn't understand! Ugh!

See? No matter how crazy I look like making faces, it really showed that I was so happy doing it!

And of course, the "I-am-beautiful" poses...

Plus, the not-so-fancy dresses that I wear...

Girls will always be girls! hahaha

I realized that I've got so many backlogs. Imagine? 5months of hiatus?! Whatever!