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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Choose Saranggani!

Hey lovies! Summer is here! Have you decided where to splurge for a vacation, get sun-kissed skin and beat the waves of the crystal clear water? If none yet, I hope this post can give you an idea where to go.

Introducing.... Gumasa, Saranggani!

Here are some photos of my trip to Saranggani when we had our team building last November of 2011. Please forgive the quality of my pictures. I'm not a pro, neither my camera. haha

I know some of you will be going to Boracay, Palawan and the likes this summer. But if what you want is an escape from all the noise of the city and party music, the beaches in Saranggani will surely deliver beyond what you can imagine. Still in doubt? Well, you can google it and see for yourself. haha

What I like about the trip is that it's just a 4-hour drive away from Davao City proper. It would even take less if there's no traffic and you'll drive non-stop. When we reached Isla Jardin del Mar at sunset, we prepared for our dinner and built our tents. I think we were the only ones at the resort that night so it felt like we own the serenity of the world! The place is safe and it's very cheap! The entrance fee is just 50php/head and there's no corkage even if you bring an entire grocery store! haha. Since it was a team building, we talked about work and personal lives over some drinks. And since we traveled right after shift, I was so damn sleepy and fell asleep right away. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I was lying on the seashore! I turned around and saw nobody except for my gay friend who was drunk and sleeping dead as a log. So you see? It was super safe! hahaha

My dream is to see the world before I settle down. To begin this journey, of course I need to start in my beloved country... Right?

Choose Saranggani!
Choose Philippines!

(ambassador of tourism lang ang peg? hehe)

BTS photos (you can skip this. haha)

the beautiful LEXUS people

road trip

that pink mat i brought was my sleeping refuge on a cold summer night


Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Just a short kikay post for my  kikay co-bloggers...

the mannequin

I am not so much into dressing up everyday, since I am more into wearing tees, denim shorts and a pair of flats. But work does not appreciate a girl wearing that ensemble, so I have to stick to jeans, decent skirts and dresses...

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


(This is what I wrote for an impromptu article writing when I applied for an online job. I was hired -- well, sort of -- but the project did not push through since my work schedule conflicts with that of their own)

So the curtains are closed and you’re up to step to the real world. You survived unannounced quizzes, final examinations, thesis and all that college days par se. Then what’s next? Yes, you’re done with your professors, now, meet the bosses.
For most first-time job seekers, the number of digits on the pay slip is always on the top of the priority list. Well, at some extent that should be the attitude. We studied hard to get a decent and promising job to give us a life-long career and the buying power. However, most if not all do not work the first time. Just like how things are invented, getting a job can be a trial and error process. Instead of thinking what you would get, think of what you can give first. After all, the company won’t hire you for your ambitions. Let’s face it. Successful applicants get a hand shake not because of their hopes and dreams but because the company thinks they are the best tool they can use to generate revenue.

You might ask how to start. Here are some quick tips.

Assess yourself. Make a list of what you know you can do well and do best. Having done that, you can select the companies who needed manpower for those specialties. Again, it’s not just about who offers $$$$$$. Think ahead. You can get more than that if you’ll have an excellent performance and that would only happen if you’re suitable for the job.

Prepare to sell yourself. You get a target company, well let’s say companies. Make sure that you can apply for at least three so you can have fallback plans. Gather all the necessary requirements. Create duplicate copies. Give extra effort, maybe they would ask for your transcript so make sure you’ll bring one. Research about the potential companies. You would really need to have something to say to compliment them. That also gives them an impression that you’re smart and you’re enthusiastic to get the job. If they require for a resume then put in mind that it’s not just going to be a piece of paper for the sake of compliance. You need that to convince them that you’re a good investment and they should buy you. 

Untie your tongue. Interview is the hardest part especially for those who stutter/stammer whenever they are nervous. Don’t be afraid. Pick yourself up and face the mirror. Portray an image that would be pleasing in front of the interviewer. And please, DO NOT MEMORIZE A SCRIPT. Interviews are interactional and spontaneous. The flow of conversation should be snappy and scholastic with a touch of professionalism.  Just simply practice like making a mental draft on how you would introduce yourself, what do you know about the company, your strengths and weaknesses and your edge against the other applicants. The rest would flow naturally.

Make yourself beautiful.  Like I said, you are going to sell yourself. You are a product that’s why aesthetics would be an additional factor.  Ladies, do not put too much make up unless you are applying for a strip dancer.  You have to wear decent and comfortable clothes. Smell good and make sure your hair is neat.  Gentlemen, take off those piercings and hide your tattoos. Employers don’t want an ex-convict on the premise of their company. I know that you have your own hairstyle but most employers know only one – that’s clean cut dude. I hope you’re familiar with it. Don’t forget to shave and brush your teeth as well, okay?
                They say that opportunity comes only once. I say that’s a wasted cliché. If you failed the first time, believe me there are more opportunities in store.  Getting a job and making a long-term career is an on-going process. It does not start with applying for a job and does not end in getting hired. You have a career path. You just have to know yourself, explore and don’t stop learning.


Monday, March 19, 2012

at Tata Benito's

This actually happened the day that Boy Meets Girl. Of course that was a fun-filled day! After fetching Jay from the airport, we went to D' Manor where he would be staying for the whole week. Afterwards, we walked the streets of San Pedro, Magallanes and Rizal after Mamita's work in the City Hall. We had a hard time looking for a place to eat because Mamita is on a no-sugar diet. Unfortunately, the places were all not so friendly for her. We decided to eat at Tata Benito's since it's just a few steps away from where we were standing while deciphering where to go.

Luckily, we dropped at the right spot!  

(the two photos below are from their Facebook page)

The place is so calm and cozy. They have beautiful art pieces too...

And the food?? heaven!!

Tuna Sandwich and Iced Caramel Machiato

Hot Caramel Machiato

Apple Cinnamon Crepe and Rocalicious Latte

Tuna Sandwich for me

Petite's forever favorite -- Blueberry Cheesecake

Apple Cinnamon Crepe

Just right inside the coffee shop is a clothes bar for fashionistas! You can find clothes from Topshop, H&M, Zara, Marks and Spencer, Forever21 and the likes! I was even eyeing for a pair of walker boots with 30% discount but I was broke that day so hanggang tulo-laway na lang muna. hahahaha

To sum it up,I thinks Tata Benito's is a must-go for girls with a bad day. Why? Because girls love to eat and shop when stressed! Right chickas? *winks*

Boy Meets Girl

This is a story of a boy who traveled miles and miles away just to be with the girl he loves...

The Boy

The Girl

Every girl has a fair share of sad love stories, and behind the tears is a hope that someday, someone will complete the story with a happy ending. This sounds so fairytale-ish, but who cares? No matter how strong we deny it, in every girl there is a princess, and a princess  should have her prince...

One of the living princesses I know is my best friend Petite. She is one of the most amazing girl whose beauty comes from within. She is an epitome of a girl whose perfection comes from her own imperfections. She's cute when she's crazy, she's annoying when she cares, she's beautiful when she doesn't take a bath and even more beautiful in her maxi skirts. When she gets mad, she's quiet but she'll never end the day without making you feel that your friendship means so much more than her feelings. (lucky best friend here! hehe) But no matter how wonderful she is, a douche bag across the mountains came rushing in to say he loves her but swiftly went away leaving traces of pain and false hopes. Unfortunately for that guy, he will never be loved the way Petite could have loved him...

After days and weeks of mourning, a boy from the outskirts of a far far away land heard and felt the pain of the princess. This young man was called Jay, a 25 year-old lad from the land of Semirara. (ang trip ko lang eh, noh? haha) There was something that connected them both and before they knew it, they had been spending late night texting, online chats and hours over the phone. Amazingly, that boy helped Petite to cope with the pain in ways no one could ever define. Fate must have it's own way of leading people to their respective significant others...

Months passed by and the two were able to get to know each other. Despite distance, Petite and Jay felt like they were together. I myself is a living witness how happy she is when she talks about Jay. Who would imagine they would be a prince and princess in my little story? 

With love and courage, Jay crossed the ocean to see the girl he has been in love with in spite of the illusion of distance...


Kung makatitig, WAGAS!!!

kung maka-emote.. ahahaha. nag mana kay Petite!
gwapa talaga that girl oh!
pasado sa screening ni mamita and of course ni best friend

ganyan kadali naging ka-vibes! power mo tol!

Everybody happy! :) This was the day when the girl finally met the boy she had been waiting for. I reminded myself to always leave a room for doubts but I just can't help but be happy for these two amazing people. I hope they'll have the best of days during this week-long visit from Jay! Congratulations!

Jay, if you're reading this, please remember to be careful with my best friend's heart. Take note, I write stories. Kung gusto mong bida ka, magtino ka... or else matutulad ka sa mga lalaking isinumpa ko sa blog ko! ahahaha

Friday, March 9, 2012

Feeling Young :)

I guess it's true that AGE IS JUST A NUMBER and YOUNG IS AN ATTITUDE. Most, if not all at some point was excited to grow up but feared growing old. Each has the desire to be mature in thoughts and in actions but fears the burden of responsibilities. Well I guess that's life. We are all haunted by our fears and insecurities.

Now what is this post all about? Hmmm. This is about a day in Cebu when I felt so young. ahahaha. I'm 21 years old and life gets tougher at every tick of the clock. It makes me so worried of the things at the other side of the door. *sighs*

So this outfit made me feel so young.

The ribbon sitting on my head was a scarf that I saw at Robinsons Fuente. The color took my breath away and when I found out that it's only golly! I hurried to the counter! ahaha. They say that color blocking is trendy. And this is my own version -- green and orange! I paired it with a gray bubble short and brown flats to neutralize the shocking colors at the top.

OMG! I am talking like a fashion blogger na! ahaha. Puhleeeease, I'm not. But I must admit I'm reading their blogs :D

I felt so comfortable and preppy that day. I was walking carefree and bubbly roaming Crowne Regency that day. Well I guess you can tell by the colors. It's so young and vibrant. Right?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Peg

I just want to write something about what I wore one day at work.

The top was given by my team captain Ray Marie Ilustre after cleaning her closet. I was so excited and came right away with an idea of how am I going to add a life to the outfit. I am really not a fashionista because I cannot afford that. I wear what I can wear and carry it at it's best.

I never thought wearing black stockings would be cute and sexy for I am sooo into flaunting my legs. Ooopsie, I don't have that towering flawless legs that a woman could ever dream of but I just thought I'm comfortable when I can move freely by wearing shorts, skirts and mini dresses.

I also wore my "Toy Story" shoes. ahahaha. (My friend really call it Toy Story) And I think to sum it all, I felt so pretty and comfortable with the get-up.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Walks And Talks : An Online Diary

It took me awhile to come up with a concept that I would really want for my blog.   Considering my indecisiveness, I was torn between making this sweet but fancy or just plain but boring. I even had a lot of names for this in just what? 3 months of blogging? ahaha. I had been changing the layout, the fonts, the header, the title and the likes! As if the entire humanity is reading this! Duuuh. Well, I just want this blog to be an outlet of my random rants and countless thoughts, and in which I can keep my memories forever. I want this to be me -- simple,witty and fun!

So I came up with the title -- the Walks and Talks. Why? Because aside from eating, walking and talking are two things that best consume my time and energy. And from the contents of my blog, I have been featuring the places I go and maybe would rather be and the fun and adventure of exploring the wonders of life. Aside from that, I have been talking about people I love and errrr -- hate. ahaha. Well hopefully, this would also be an avenue for me to let go after I get tired of writing curses and chanting spells.

I also chose this paper thingy as a background, to make it look like I am just scribbling my thoughts on the computer screen. The colors are very basic which are far different compared to the color hues I had with my previous lay out. The font is also simple -- so typewriter-ish. I remember the tak-tak-tak of our old typewriter when I was in elementary. haha. And I guess this is what I really want -- simple but sassy!

This blog is not for the entertainment of everybody. And I don't care about the number of readers.  But this blog is for those who loves to read about people, places and experiences. This is for the future me -- someday, when I browse the internet, I will be laughing at the days of my spontaneous walks and talks. Someday, I might be under a tree, reading the scribbles in this online diary...

from Cebu...with love...

Hold your breath for this is going to be a looooooooooong blog! Just like what I promised, I’m going to try to be as detailed as I can be so you can get an image of what took place during our trip. It might help you create an idea on how to plot your trip to Cebu, or anywhere else just as long as you’re with the people you love. Alright?

So to begin with, the trip was planned like more than a month ago when Petit excitedly took advantage of the Piso Fair which I could say, the most sought after promo in the Philippines.  Like come to think of this, it only  costs 1700php for a round trip ticket of a Davao-Cebu flight. Some lucky ones were able to get even cheaper than that, all it takes is a keen and proper timing.

The day we landed at Cebu, my adrenalin was sooooooo sky rocketing. I and Petit took a cab to Paragon Suites which was 20-30 mins away from the airport. Thanks to Googlemaps for guiding us and keeping us away from taxi drivers who cheat their passengers by making your trip topsy-turvy, and before you realize, the meter is bloody costly. Upon arriving at the hotel, a charming receptionist recognized me right away. Yeah, they were expecting us. I made a reservation through text three days before the arrival. What was so amazing is that they took our reservation without paying in advanced. Good thing they understood I don’t have a credit card. Haha. And it’s not just because they have nobody in the hotel, it was  actually packed with locals and foreigners.

We stayed at Room 305, where the wi-fi signal was so excellent! haha.

We also have a plasma TV, a dvd player and a mini refrigerator. 

The place really does not look appealing from the outside but I think a little renovation and landscape would make it look perfect.  The facilities were not so fabulous but were definitely clean. They had complete necessities provided in the room – towel, soap, shampoos, toothbrush and toothpaste, even flip-flops! I could say the hotel was simple but great. The place was cozy and the staffs are nice. I will definitely stay at Paragon again if I would have to come back to Cebu.

In addition to that, the suite was near the heart of Cebu City -- Robinsons Fuente and Cybergate, the famous Mango Avenue, Crown Regency, Fuente Osmena, Larsian and Shamrock are just 15-20 mins walk from the suite. If you’re a bookworm, you can raid books at the National Bookstore which was 10mins away, just right at the corner of Mango Ave. I and Petit roamed around the city and it instantly felt like home. 

Our first night was a BOOOO though! I was drooling to eat at Larsians because the place is famous for street barbecues.  Unfortunately, the super heavy rain ruined my mood. I was so pissed and I have to admit, I lost all the energy. Patience is and had always been not my virtue. Grrrr. So instead of barbecue, we bought pizza from Shakeys, went home and hovered over Tanduay Ice and Kill Bill. Before I knew it, I fell asleep and woke up at the wee hour of the morning. Guess what? I’m a call center agent – blame it on my body clock.

Moving forward, the next day was a blast! I and Petit got up early and prepared for the arrival of Dyna and Jericho from Bacolod. We were both so excited! We haven’t seen Dyna for 8months since she left Davao to heal her broken heart. Oopsie, if you want to get an idea what am I talking about, feel free to dig my older posts where I ranted about the douche bags in our lives! Haha

So we took a bath and ate bacon and egg for breakfast.

 Took a morning walk… (the truth is, we had to buy a deo from the nearest store because Petit can’t start a day without that fragrant slimy thing on her armpit!) LOLs

…and welcomed Dyna and Jericho!  Due to overwhelming happiness, we were not able to take a picture of their arrival! =D

Right after they fix their things on our room, we hurried to Basilica del Sto.Nino to begin our  adventure!

Now this is happiness… REUNITED lang ang drama!

First Stop: Basilica del Santo Nino

The place really surprised me with its beauty. I never thought it could be so enchanting! Even foreigners  were captured by its beauty. It felt like I was wandering in a fun yet holy park!

And what made this day extra special? This is where Jericho officially became Dyna’s boyfriend! That was actually the plan – we’ll go to this church on the 14th to give Jericho our blessing and approval. Dyna, on the other hand, gave Jericho a letter that contained all that she wanted to say and of course, the most awaited YES! Hurray! We all believe they are each other’s answered prayer!


This is just right behind the church. A little walk and poof! Your eyes will meet history --  the story of our forefathers.

People around the world visit this place whenever they set foot to Cebu…

 We roamed around the city again and had lunch at a barbecue place where you can choose between their wide array of seafood and marinated meat.  We were so starving that moment so nobody dared to take a picture. We concentrated in picking what to eat and concentrated even more while eating. 

After lunch, we went to Crown Regency to inquire about their Sky Walk Adventure for our itinerary the next day. When we got the info that we needed, we headed back to our hotel , took a nap and prepared for our Valentine dinner. 

I was really drooling to eat at Casa Verde, which was famed for its tender baby back ribs. So we rode a cab and drove to the nearest Casa Verde. To our dismay, the place was overflowing with people! Have you seen people outside a box-office film? Or a rally? That was what we saw at Casa Verde that night! Some are really waiting in line just to get the next vacant seat! Holy cow!  Considering my impatience, we walked away and went to Ayala Mall. The place was just as crowded as Casa Verde! Oh I forgot, it was Valentine’s day! Haha. The restaurants are jam-packed which made us walk and walk and walk to find a decent place where we can have a lovely meal.

We stopped at the very corner of Ayala Mall and found Bistro Ecila. Luckily when we got there, a table had just been emptied. So we rushed to the seats, afraid of being overtaken.  

We ordered this…

Since we were so hungry jumping from one place to another, we did not have so much time to choose what to eat. I picked this and everybody did the same. Uhm, except for Jericho who had a chicken dish. And by the way, I’m not very good in naming names so forgive me if I forgot how they call this menu.

While waiting to be served, someone came rushing in… Voila! It’s Ryan! Petit’s douche bag! Haha. Since they were not able to put a closure to what they had before, Petit was so  eager to meet him. Actually, since he was assigned to work in Cebu, I invited him to join us in our adventure. His response were kinda awkward so I stopped bugging him. I never thought he’d show up on dinner.

We wandered around the mall after eating. However, it started raining so we hurried to find a taxi. Then to my surprise, everybody was falling in line just to get a taxi! Oh my! And it was not just a line, it was a loooooooooooooong line. There were hundreds of us I think! And what’s even more surprising? I was the only one complaining. Everybody was so cool about it. That I guess is one of the many things I noticed to contrast Davao and Cebu. Back home, falling in line is not a good idea and getting a taxi is a matter of survival. If you want to get a cab, you have to be swift  and clever. When I got there, I noticed that the streets and escalators in Cebu are so narrow. Like an average person could not have somebody beside him while taking the escalators. There were a lot of garbage in the streets too, unlike in Davao where street sweepers are everywhere making sure that the place is tidy. However, I found their flyovers cleaner than that of Davao. Oopsie, these are just my observations.  I could be wrong though.

Moving forward, the third day is the most exciting day of the trip. We were supposed to go outskirts and do some sort of nature tripping at Kawasan Falls but due to the weather and time constraint, we chose to do the Sky Day Tour at Crown Regency Hotel.  For as low as 888php, we had one of the best days of our lives.

The tour included a lunch buffet, 4D movie, swimming and the well-famed Sky Walk! Since it was almost lunch time, we used our tickets for the buffet at  Wang Shan Lo Chinese Restaurant located at the 20th floor of Tower 2. Our mouths watered as we laid our eyes at the beautiful restaurant overlooking Cebu City!  

I don’t want to over react but that I think was a feast!  I you happen to go to Crown Regency, you can try this restaurant for as low as 400Php/person at lunch and 450Php/person  for dinner. *drools*

Next we watched a 15 minute 4D film on the 18th floor of Tower 1. That experience was so hilarious, beyond my capacity to describe things! Watching the animated film “The Lost Island” was helluva crazy! There was a scene where a group of elephants showered us with water; a gush of air spurted beneath our chairs making us jump off our seat; and when a helicopter crashed in the forest, it felt like the ground was shaking inside the theatre.  In 3Ds, you’re eyes seemed to see the things as if you are there, but the twist of 4D is that you  feel  things physically like you are really there. At a normal rate,  each view costs 150Php and I think it’s absolutely worth it.

Since we were yet so full, we decided to digest our meal during swimming. At Tower 1’s 9th floor, a generous size of the hotel’s swimming pool was situated.

Honestly, I don’t know how to swim but I surely did enjoy the water. Petit, who had numerous attempts of teaching me how to swim did not bother to waste more of her energy in teaching me this time for she herself had a lot of fun, especially in the Jacuzzi.

Since we are all cam whores, half of the time was spent on swimming and half of it was spent for taking pictures.

At around 3 in the  afternoon, I got off the water and asked them if we can do the Final Thing – the Sky Walk. The thought of it alone had been giving me jitters a week before the plan. I am not a coward nor do I have fear of heights. But I just don’t feel comfortable standing sky-high overlooking the city below my feet. I wanted to get through that day and I swore the butterflies fluttering on my stomach that time were gazillion in counting!

At the 37th floor located at Tower 2, the gears and staffs are all ready for the sky walkers.

We geared up with the sky walk suit and since everybody should wear rubber shoes, the staff prepared shoes in different sizes for walkers that come unprepared. If you don’t have a pair of socks, you can buy them for 20Php. Yes of course you have to buy them. It’ll be gross if you’re going to return it to them and another customer would have to use it. Ugh!

And this is the final look!

And this is me with my poging-poging pose…

The walk went well. Thanks to the guide whom I think was perfectly trained to make the walkers be comfortable standing on a platform hundreds of feet off the ground. We sat for a while and talked random things about Cebu. He said that on a reclamation area, a shopping mall bigger than Mall of Asia in Manila will be constructed and aside from that Crown Regency will be building their 4th Tower. In few years, Cebu will be so much more sophisticated and establishments will be rising from its sturdy grounds. We also asked him about the shocking earthquake that hit the Visayan region just a week ago before our arrival. He was so calm about the situation and according to him, it was a good thing that the earthquake happened just before a walker entered the platform.  The guide really knows how to handle fear and convert it into curiosity so you will dare to explore the beauty that is in front of our very eyes.

And by the way, pictures are exclusively taken by their photographers. For 230Php/copy, you can have a remembrance you can keep for the rest of your lives.

After we finished all the Sky Day Tour activities, we went back to our hotel and dropped dead like a log. We were sooooo tired yet fulfilled, so we slept to regain our energies. At 2 in the morning, we woke up to prepare for Dyna and Jericho’s departure. They had to go back home to Bacolod, but we will surely see each other soon.

At 6 in the morning, I and Petite had our breakfast and at 7, we saw ourselves exploring the streets of Cebu. We went back to the Basilica to look for little souvenirs, luckily there was a stall with cheap finds and we bought a lot of accessories to give to our friends in Davao.  We were yet unsatisfied and went to Cebu’s Freedom Park, which I really thought was a park. I was surprised to find out that it was actually a market. Petite, who had a lot of money that time, bought few more goods. Then there was a line of ukay-ukay in the streets. We were so overwhelmed with the affordable clothes they were selling! We ended up buying a lot! :D Before 9am, we were raiding Shamrock where you can buy the bests of Cebu. They have biscocho, piaya, polvoron, dried mangoes and of course, who would not leave Cebu without otap and danggit? I think I spent over 1000Php on that store and got out with a box full of Cebu delicacies.

After eating an early lunch, we prepared and travelled early to Mactan International Airport.  As far as what I have observed,  Davao  has a cleaner and a more organized airport compared to that of Manila and Cebu. Again I might be wrong – beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. HAHAHA

At 2:45, our plane took off and landed an hour after. Home Sweet Home!

The most amazing part of this trip was being reunited with Dyna and knowing Jericho, to whom I owe a big thanks for taking care of my best friend.  Secondly, it is a step in fulfilling one of my dreams: SEE THE WORLD! I may not have the financial capabilities to travel  round the world in just a moment but little by little I am surely going to fulfill my dream.  So I guess this is a wrap. It is a very late post though. I thought I lost the fire for a moment. Haha.  Hugs and kisses everyone!