This is a compilation of my journey -- the daily walks and my countless talks...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Walks And Talks : An Online Diary

It took me awhile to come up with a concept that I would really want for my blog.   Considering my indecisiveness, I was torn between making this sweet but fancy or just plain but boring. I even had a lot of names for this in just what? 3 months of blogging? ahaha. I had been changing the layout, the fonts, the header, the title and the likes! As if the entire humanity is reading this! Duuuh. Well, I just want this blog to be an outlet of my random rants and countless thoughts, and in which I can keep my memories forever. I want this to be me -- simple,witty and fun!

So I came up with the title -- the Walks and Talks. Why? Because aside from eating, walking and talking are two things that best consume my time and energy. And from the contents of my blog, I have been featuring the places I go and maybe would rather be and the fun and adventure of exploring the wonders of life. Aside from that, I have been talking about people I love and errrr -- hate. ahaha. Well hopefully, this would also be an avenue for me to let go after I get tired of writing curses and chanting spells.

I also chose this paper thingy as a background, to make it look like I am just scribbling my thoughts on the computer screen. The colors are very basic which are far different compared to the color hues I had with my previous lay out. The font is also simple -- so typewriter-ish. I remember the tak-tak-tak of our old typewriter when I was in elementary. haha. And I guess this is what I really want -- simple but sassy!

This blog is not for the entertainment of everybody. And I don't care about the number of readers.  But this blog is for those who loves to read about people, places and experiences. This is for the future me -- someday, when I browse the internet, I will be laughing at the days of my spontaneous walks and talks. Someday, I might be under a tree, reading the scribbles in this online diary...


  1. :-) keep it up kristalynn

    ill be your stalker from now on, ow! sorry what i mean i'll be following your blog from now on. :-)

    Feel free to drop by at my blog and if its not much to ask feel free to follow me as well.

    1. Thanks dude! You are good in putting your thoughts in a written context as well. keep the fire burning!

  2. i like this paper thingy background. =p