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Monday, January 2, 2012

hello 2012!

Happy New Year guys!


There are two things why I am always grateful and overwhelmed whenever I have to change our old calendar. First, there is this sense of victory that I was able to conquer 365 days of ups and downs. The joy of being with loved ones, doing crazy things that feeds my sanity, my adventures and risky decisions, my all-time low, my tears and those stupid fears -- all that and more made a year gone by meaningful. Secondly, there is this sense of hope that the moment I replaced the old with the new one, new set of stories will be unfold -- new friends, new laughters, new experience, new heartaches, new misadventures, new expeditions and the likes. There are numerous moment to treasure and to look forward to. I am grateul that I  met 2011. Now I am saying hello to 2012.

I don't want to talk about New Year's resolutions for these are as good as our Media Noche -- it only tastes good during the eve of 1st. I'd like to quote this line from the movie New Years Day instead...

"We will open a book. It's pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and it's first chapter is New Year's Day".

 As  we welcome the year of the water dragon, let us all inculcate in our minds that God gave us another year to celebrate His kindness and explore the universe He created for us -- with passion, happiness and  righteousness. The world is tough but we are made even tougher by faith. Portals of opportunity will be widely open, all we have to do is journey with prayer. Don't be afraid, for we are the  story that we make.

Nevertheless, I don't want to be a preacher at the corner of your eyes. I am just being a friend who'd like to spread faith and happiness. How wonderful indeed it is to welcome another year.  The hell it is for those who have been declaring that it would be the end of the world! Our omniscient God knows when -- His plans are so great that no man alive can decipher.

That's all for now! Off to bed.